Travels Within explores the dark side of author Julie Vincent’s journey in Art and Poetry. The art began having banned herself from writing poetry. This resulted in 25 art exhibitions in the six months before submitting her doctoral thesis, while also escaping domestic violence.

Travels Without: My Fabulous Adventures Europe and America in Art and Poetry. Having submitted and equipped with paper and pastels, Julies escapade to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, six weeks in Italy, Spain, Belgium, New York, New Orleans, and London are recorded in art and poetry.

More Travels: India, Africa and Australia in Art and Poetry. Returning from overseas and still searching for direction, Julie Vincent heads north and explores the wonders of Australia’s top end before heading to India and Africa.

Exploring the Heart is the fourth in a series on Travel in Art and Poetry. Having explored the depths of emotions in Travels Within, Fabulous Adventures in Europe and America in Travels Without, and the Top End of Australia in More Travels, this book is all about encountering death, spirituality and romance before exploring the centre of Australia.